Corolla 2004 Leaking like a b*#ch. Need your advise

Hello guys,
I recently bought 04 Corolla with 200k miles for 1K. It drives very good. Everything works well. The only thing that is wrong is the oil leak, and the car is a little rough at idle(I did change the spark plugs, still rough ). Oil is everywhere under the hood.
The car is not overheating. Coolant is clean. You cant see any drops of oil under the car, even if it stays at the same place for a few days. Seems like oil is leaking very slowly. I only put 500 miles since the oil change, and it still shows the highest mark on the oil stick.
My question is does it look like the head gasket is leaking or it could be something else? How long can I drive this car like in this condition? What could be the possible reasons of leaking?
I had these error codes before: p0442 p0446, but I think they have nothing to do with oil leak. These codes come up every 500-1000 miles(previous owner told)
Video of my engine

Thank you!
Your video does look like a little oil leak :(

I would degrease and clean out your engine bay... and see where the leak is coming from. My money is on the valve cover gasket.

For your p0442 & p0446
Toyota EVAP P0441 and P0446

For your rough idle
- change out your PCV valve
- clean your MAP sensor w/ MAP sensor cleaner
- clean your battery terminals
Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about the valve cover gasket too because you can actually see oil coming from under the gasket rubber. I will clean the engine first to make sure there are no other leaks.


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could be valve cover gasket, could be crank seal, bad VVT-i mechanism, really have to try and troubleshoot the area the oil is coming from first.
I had one leaking too, but it was from the gasket of the oil pump. A couple of drips a day on the driveway. No lights.
I would suggest leave it alone. Add some Lucas stop leak additives on your next oil change and see what happens.
Hi there DrunkRussian, I think this is a fauty valve cover gasket, or if so happend that you already changed the gasket you may wanna check your timing chain tensionier's O-Ring.

But this tensioner is not that easy when your putting back the assembly with new O-Ring, almost ruined my engine or timing chain after putting back the assembly. Should really take care of it if that's the real issue, anyways are you done with the oil leak??