corolla 2015 cvt fe

hello everyone, i've been using this page and its very helpful so i came back to ask a few question to see if someone can give me a hand...i had a problem with my car (corolla 2015 cvt fe) he had a lick in the transmission and through the time the transmission start to give i change it , i did all by my self, i connect everything so the point is...when i open the switch, the check light is on and the TRACK light is on too and when i put the car in reverse or drive he dont move, is like hes not totally connect i need to do a programming? i know the car use selenoid but if i have to request a service from the toyota i will do it but i would like to here something from a person of here...i hope everyone understand not a full english person, i want to say thanks in advance for the people that answer me