Corolla KE35 Revs Up Directly When Started

Discussion in 'Older Model Toyota Corollas' started by Odin, May 29, 2013.

  1. Odin

    Odin New Member

    Hey People on the Corolla forum

    My brother and I have bought a KE35 recently and we really love it, recently though a perculiar problem has risen, when the engine is started, it will immediately throttle up (and presumably till it runs itself apart) till you turn of the ignition, I've got two small clips showing the action of the throttle and choke cable (maybe i've missed something?) and the starting of the engine itself.

    we've put the carb in a bucket with white spirit but that did nothing for the problem

    Starting the engine

    the moving of throttle and choke

    anyone have an idea how we could fix this ?

    regards, Odin

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