Display Unit Hard Drive

All of a sudden one day the display unit went blank and at the bottom there was a moving line and underneath it said downloading, but it is just a loop never downloading anything and moving on. Took it into Toyota and they told me they tried to reset and it just wouldn't boot up on their system. So bottom line they say the Hard Drive is gone, not really getting what that means, I know with my home computer if files get corrupted you re install and I also had a program that would de frag the hard drive and claim any bad sectors. So my question is is there a way to fix hard drive because they quoted me around 6k for a new unit. I mean it's basically only a radio display and navigation, I'm not running Photoshop, and Word or any huge programs that could crash the system. Please advise if anyone else has had this problem.


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Hard drives, like anything else, may fail (had 2 on computers). Firmware problem, not likely (unless some interaction with a newer phone / OS induce it. 6K is insane (google it, you can find new ones for 4k (still... ) or on eBay for 1 to 1.5K (still again...). Causes may vary but there are a certain number of cases on forums. You have nothing to lose: the following trick was shared here and have work for a few. (the video is about a Highlander but the principle remains). Good luck !
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