Ebay Turbo Kit

Wondering if i could buy one, slap it on, slap on a few injectors and a pump, and ecu. And im good.
it's not that simple.. :eek: Turbo project is an investment.. not a cheap thrill (unless you don't care long term).
I would recommend getting a leak down and compression test.. just get to know your current motor 1st...
Indeed, it's not that easy. Your car is not a lego toy to attach various parts without caring for consequences. Besides, even though Amazon is a well-known platform, I would better buy parts from dedicated stores. Amazon is rather about plain stuff, such as this light bulb https://www.amazon.com/smart-light-bulb-bulbs-color/dp/B0922Q43LY/. Installing a turbo kit is a part of a deal; you need to optimize the rest of your car to make sure it won't "fall apart" after a few rides. I know a guy who was so proud he made a street race car for a low budget (until his first race).
I'm not a fan of sites like eBay, especially when it comes to the car. Sometimes I buy small car parts from Amazon, but I do it with some fear. Although, I recently bought seat covers and they were perfect for my car in both size and color. Also, I rarely order appliances online, the only exception is my scales https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Smart-Body-Scale-Black/dp/B08XYX8RDR/. Have you ever had that feeling when you look at a new item and think, "Gosh, only a lucky guy like me could buy that"? That's how I look at my smart scale. My message is that I do not advise you to order anything for the car on eBay, try to find it in specialty stores.