EGR Vacuum (Needed!!)

My 82 corolla is my pride and joy, as well as my daily driver. Recently, the EGR vacuum (or so I was told by firestone) has stopped working and needs to be replaced, but I cannot find the part for the life of me anywhere!! If anyone has one, or can find a link to one that I can buy, please let me know!!

P.S: I’ve checked all the junk yards in my area, but apparently it’s a very much needed high demand part, because every old Toyota car and truck had it taken already


I had the same problem with my 88 nova. No one makes that egr anymore. I spent months looking for it. Here's what I did. Look up any other egr valve for any other 1.6l. Make sure it's vacuum controlled and has the same amount of hose hookups. Go to your local machine shop (I work at one so it was easy) and have them make an adapter plate for the new egr. Look up what an egr valve does and how it works and you'll see why any other egr valve will work. They all do the same thing and work the same way. Either that or just plug it off and find some lick and stick inspection stickers, or keep it under mileage so you get an exemption sticker for emissions. Then they don't even have to look at it. Big name shops like firestone will screw you around every corner for inspection. Smaller non-franchise shops are waaaay more easy going and will let small stuff slid most of the time.
Oh.. The part you show isn't the egr valve. The silver thing in the pic might be but the black one looks like the high altitude module on my car... The egr should be on the back or side of the intake manifold...