First one is a 96

Hello folks!

I’m Jason from Charlotte. I just got a 1996 automatic 1.6 base model and got her all fixed up (including a new heater core - ugh) and painted. She’s a one-owner car from DC (Falls Church, Va); the older lady owned her 23 years and put less than 5000/ year on her. I bought with 100,651 miles and it shows 102,026 today. Everything is there and in great shape, a/c cold, was a little dirty and needed a few things, but the drivetrain is clean and solid and was maintained. I plan to put 400-500 miles/ week on the rev you little car and enjoy an automatic

56CECE96-A8BA-4276-AB68-D2D201DB5802.jpeg D8226094-FF32-4BA7-95FB-DF5EE50B6DBF.jpeg