For Sale: 1990 Toyota Corolla DX Wagon 5-speed manual

4A-FE engine, 190,000 miles. I purchased new in 1990. I have almost always been the only driver. Rarely any passengers.
Medium Pearl Red, never in an accident. I kept it waxed.
Has all glass and lights. Very good condition on bumpers, trim, top, hood, hatchback, right rear door. Other panels have rust.
Upholstery all very good, clean interior - no odor.
Always maintained it well. Drove it almost every day except in last 7 years, when I drove it periodically.
For the first time, it did not start on attempt in May, 2019. Battery, gas, spark okay. May need new fuel filter.
Missing right-side rear-view mirror, missing 2 wheel covers, otherwise complete. IMG_1020[1].JPG