Free AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils Catalog


At the below link, you can download a free AMSOIL product catalog and/or have one sent to you via mail. AMSOIL is the largest pure synthetic oil company in the world and pioneered the industry in 1972 with the worlds first API qualified 100% synthetic motor oil. AMSOIL is, "The First in Synthetics". (tm)

Free AMSOIL Factory Direct Catalog -

For all Corolla Forum members, I can provide the savings of wholesale prices with a Preferred Customer membership, which saves you about 30-35% off of retail prices. These are the guaranteed lowest prices available and are the very same prices I pay as an AMSOIL Dealer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Below are some links to very interesting articles, test result, etc. Enjoy. :thumbsup:

Discover the benefits of switching to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and why AMSOIL is the synthetic oil technology leader -

Performance Tests
- See how AMSOIL products perform in the lab vs other competing oils and in the field -

Product Application Guide
- Which oil and filter do you need for your Corolla? What is the recommended oil viscosity and capacity for your engine? Which transmission fluid does your Corolla need? How tight should the oil drain plug be? You can find the answers to these questions and more at this link -

Performance Test Archive

AMSOIL product warranty - With AMSOIL your warranty is secure!

Synthetic Oil Basics
- What makes a synthetic oil so much better than a conventional petroleum oil and just what is a synthetic oil? What makes AMSOIL synthetic oils superior to others?

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Hello Scott, I am just getting ready to switch my 97 Corolla CE 1.6 over to Amsoil. Was curious if you used the oil sampling service they provide. Thanks