Front speakers not working

A while back my front two speakers stopped producing sound. I'm fairly sure they both stopped at once or at least close to the same time.
I already checked to see if the fade was shifted to the back speakers but it wasn't.
I doubt it's two blown speakers at once. That seems to be pretty unlikely to me. I pulled the stereo out to check connections. Unplugged and replugged everything and they still wouldn't work. Pulled the door pannels off to check the speaker connections and they looked fine. Exterior of speakers looked fine and not blown out.

I also have a problem with my radio which may or may not be relevant. This has happened way before the front speakers stopped working. The text in the radio will not show up even tho I'm able to turn the radio on. Also sometimes I'm unable to higher or lower the volume. These problems are fixed easily by just smacking the front of the radio. However there issues only happen occasionally. Usually when it's very warm or cold out.

What do u guys think? I just want to have my front speakers back. Not really concerned about having to smack the radio occasionally.
Do you have access to any other speakers? If so unplug existing speaker and use a jumper wire to the 'borrowed' speaker and see if it works or not.