I've had my corolla for about a year. Repeatedly, when i'm getting low on fuel, the low fuel light comes on, and the cruising range is around 10 miles. I fill it up and can only put in about 10.5 gallons. The manual says it's 13.2 gallons. Why is this happening? Other cars I've had go all the way down to 1 gallon or less. With a 10.5 gallon fill-up, I should still have a cruising range of 60-80 miles. (I consistently get over 40 mpg, and yes I know how to calculate it, and my mpg indicator is around 43 or 44 mpg, averages around 5% too high). What is the actual fuel capacity? (haha I'd ask the dealer but last time those idiots told me my running lights were controlled by a sensor and weren't supposed to work in the daytime. So they are useless.)
Mine is the same way, with the big exception that it generally does give me a 60-80 miles range. Per the manual, you still have 2 gallons left when the low fuel light comes on. It also depend at what point this occur. If you're in heavy traffic, or multiple stop and go (or just out of it) the computer will makes its calculation based upon that "bad" mileage to estimate how far you can go. Better safe than sorry, anyway !


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I think the DTE is off as my MPG calculations never match the cars. I never use it plus I just fill it up at 1/4 tank anyways. Especially during winter.
It is a good question; I live in fear of running out of fuel during a hurricane evac...it happened to a friend of mine. Since they tell you to fill up when it hits half during hurricane season and I am too lazy to keep track of when it starts I just do that all year.