Home air conditioning

Hi folks, I'm new here! But I need your help! My a/c is broken,but in the house is very warm! Please advice me a good service(UK)
Probably your A/C make to much condensation and the level of humidity is high so it could be a reason why it doesn't workproperly .Have you ever fix it or called some aircon services to do to maintenance work ? You must to know that one a year it is very importance to refill the filters and do some maintenance work with your AC https//airconservicingsingapore.com/ . This air conditioning servicing many yeas experience on the marked and a professional technicians that can repair you AC in few hours


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Having a conditioner at home is a total must-have. I simply have a question. Why do they break down so fast and so often? I had to change about three or four air conditioners because I thought the problem was with the company I was buying them from, but I was wrong. After some adventures with these things, I understood that conditioner's care is something compulsory. My troubles with them stopped after finding out about aircon service https://www.airconservicing.org/type-of-aircon-service/ who explained to me that from time to time I have to inspect equipment for refrigerant leaks, and it will be ok.