I lost the key, but not the key fob, 07

Hey, so the title summarizes well. I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla key, and the actual metal key has fallen out of my key fob at some point and I can’t find it. The dealership nearby is wanting $400+, and I have to tow it to them. Looking at a solid $600 or so.
I’ve looked into the a lot but I’m running into a stone wall. If I replace the actual ignition cylinder, with a basic key, will it be able to start since I still have the key fob? If not, can I do the ECU reset (putting a put into the ECU port 4 &13 for 30 mins) to have a new key work?
Thank you for any support.
Alternatively, if nothing I’ve mentioned above will work, for the purpose of transporting to the dealership, would it be possible to “break” the ignition with a screw driver or something, since I still have the key fob, just to get it to the dealership and avoid the $200 towing fee? Or would it still refuse to start, because it isn’t the correct “key”


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When you say you lost the key from the Fob, is this the actual key that goes into the ignition? Not a smart key correct? days we used to hand ina vin number a key made for free. 7 years they keep the key info:

Your Key may be able to be made up at a Local hardware store like Home depot, a locks smith. or online. for a lot less, and also you have a spare key I hope, if so then that is the options I look into.