Is it possible to replace the ABS fuse in the white fuse box?


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So inside the fuse box of my 2011 Corolla, there is a white box with a plastic cover on it that harbors several fuses that you weren't meant to be able to get to. I accidentally dropped a hammer on said box, which broke the cover, and crushed one of the fuses. Now, my ABS light, Stability Control light, and E-Brake light are all on, and my ABS, TCS, and STC no longer work.

Is it possible to replace this white box of fuses? It doesn't look easy. They're not the pull out and replace kind of fuses, they are two wires that meet with a large metal ball in between them. Here's a picture of the 2011 fuse box layout, if that helps. The white box contains the fuses 17-32.