JDM Stage 3 chip

Hey, I just bought a 2019 Corolla XSE hatch 2.0L. I installed an Injen short ram intake and borla resonator back exhaust. Sounds and runs great but I’m still getting flat spots in the acceleration. I am hoping a JDM brand performance ECU chip can solve some of this and improve the performance and fuel efficiency as well as that company so advertises. I have tried to research the chip with reviews online but to not much success. Any ideas as to what I can expect from adding a stage 3 chip with this engine? The company also claims it won’t void the warranty and will improve power up to 40 hp. Not sure what to think. Lol. I just want smooth acceleration and power instead of these damn flat spots when I get on the accelerator at times.
No idea about these aftermarket ECU mods. Can you describe the flat spots in the acceleration? Are they at particular RPM in particular gears? CVT or 6-speed manual?


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Oh, speed is what characterizes me too, Only JDM cars with JDM parts fall into the true JDM category, so if you are a true JDM fan, you would stick to the real stuff. In the past I had the Toyota supra, I only wanted for speed and drift. For this, I tried to make different changes but I failed. I found in google a company that offered me the best guides, tips, and information about importing and other things that can improve performance and fuel efficiency.