As the years pile on my rolla gets older and older, as do I. I seems the more little rattles I get rid of, the more seem to be noticeable. Not sure if they are new or just me simply not noticing them before. Over last winter I noticed a rattle from the right front door. Not very loud but just bugging me. earlier this month I once again pulled the door cards off and on every clip I place a piece of the felt tape I have and added a couple foam strips on each side of all 4 door cards. Problem solved.

Earlier tonight I put in the foam baffles I got. I really did it to keep water out of my speakers, not that I have an issue with water in my doors, but why not and apparently they also improve the sound. Very easy to install and I do think there is a bit of improvement to sound but I'm no audiophile. I will likely be ordering two sets for the rears for an idea I have cooking in my head.
Felt tape works wonders for squeaks and rattles in an era where a majority of interior car parts are plastic. Weather and hot/cold cycles changes the characteristics of plastic causing it to shrink and/or expand. It gets worse with age. When you remove plastic parts you can always see the hot spots where they rub together, generating noise. I taped the crap out of my wife's Prius and minimized her noise complaints. Glad you found your problem.
Well, I ordered the 6x9 baffles sooner than I planed. Reason I wanted to do the rears is because I am always worried I will pull the wires loose when I am loading the trunk, only because I have done so in the past.

Baffles were sitting at my door this morning when I left for work and when I got home I got to work.

I found this crack in the front of the rear deck, not sure how it got there as the last time I removed it there was no crack. I am quite annoyed at it.

Anyway, when I was putting it all back together I took the time to use my felt tape and foam strip as I did on the door cards. I like the clean look of the speakers now
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I don't how long ago it has been that I went from stock shift knob to this,

For no particular reason I decided to change it again, but of course not back to stock. I got it in the mail end of last week and installed in last Saturday.

I noticed a few things immediately. first is that it feels better in hand, the shape just fits nicely. Second is my shifts are smoother. the weight of the Aluminum one is much more than stock or the new one and the only way I can describe it is that now the lever does not 'clunk' into gear when I shift, it just slides into gear now. I did not expect that much of a difference, but it does makes sense to me when I think about it. And as a complete surprise, the squeak that I thought was coming from the centre console area, it only appeared under certain circumstances, has not been heard since I installed the new knob. I don't know how but I guess the metal one was somehow the cause of that noise.


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Nice progress! How does the speaker baffle affect the sound of the speaker itself? Does it tone it down or does it sound the same?
well, I installed the front ones because they were cheap and to keep moisture out of the speakers. I don't have an issue with moisture but I like the idea of a having that protection. The rears I installed because I just wanted to keep the speaker wires from getting snagged on something. I am not an audio file but I do believe the sound has been improved slightly.
Well, I've been at it again and as usual I like to do things on the cheap. I got some adhesive back felt sheets couple days ago. I preferred it to be all black but they were several colours and on sale. Anyway I lined the inside of the lower glove box with felt. Half black and half white. At any rate no one really looks inside so no big deal but it keeps things from making noise on the hard plastic.
Well, once again I got an idea in my head. It's been a few months I guess that I have been trying to decide what to use. In the end I had this rough shape that I had made out of drift wood. I can't remember for what it was for but I repurposed it for my new idea.

I started last week and shaped it into this.

I only had white paint sitting around the house and did not think it would work so I went out and bought a can of gray spray paint. after a few coats of gray and a few of clear and a plastic mount I had this

The rest is self explanatory.

I don't use it all the time but this way it is right in front of me, easy to get to and easier to keep my eyes on the road when I am using it.