Left side half shaft replacement ...

… I just replaced the drivers side half shaft and what a pain in the arse to remove.
I have performed this much more easily on a Tacoma but there is no good place to pry on the left side half shaft of a Corolla.
The old axle came apart at the inner joint when pulling outward.
If it helps anybody else I used an air hammer with curved bit on the inner axle notch and positioned a pry bar in place and it finally popped out after about an hour of yrying. Transmission fluid on my face after it popped out no less but worth it! Good thing for safety glasses!
I replaced the seal also and no leaks so far. I did find old the seal spring in the axle hole so glad I checked and bought the new $6 seal.
The symptoms were a whine noise while accelerating and an intermittent wobble feeling while driving especially at highway speeds. Also had a severe wobble on the front left side when backing while hard left steering then turning the steering wheel right when moving forward. I never did hear a clicking noise.
All done and drives like new.
The outer joint seems to have been the problem. Although the inner boot came apart easily the inner joint binds when articulated. The boot was exhibiting minor deposits of grease every wheel rotation.