Looking to buy a 2007 Corolla hatchback - advice ?

Hi there !
I am trying to decide between a 2007 Jazz, a 2007 Corolla Hatchback (RunX) and a 2005 Focus (Mark 1)
I am learning towards a GLi Corolla Automatic.

1. Do you agree with the selection of the Toyota over the rest ?
2. the 1.6 engine and auto tranny on the GLi, are they solid enough for 200k miles if looked for ?
3. Common things that go bad in all 2007 Corollas ? Repair costs of those things ?
4. Is it an easy car to work on, with space to do everything ?
5. Is the autotranny filtered, or do you just have to swap fluid through a drain bolt every 50k and that's it?

Thanks for any tips !
Your defiantly not in the on state-side (USA) o_O.

1.) If you find a Corolla w/ 2zz motor, that extra power will make a big difference.
2.) Is this the 3zz motor?
3.) The only thing that cause major failure to my Corolla was all the useless aftermarket parts i put on my Corolla.
4.) I work on the 1zz motor. It's easy to work on (replacing water pump, battery, starter).
5.) I haven't change my transmission fluid over 15x,xxxx mile :eek: