Low cylinder compression x 2

2009 Corolla le with 138,600 miles. I was told yesterday cylinders 3&4 have low compression. Check engine light showed a #4 misfire. Only problem I can tell is the engine misses at idle and I have to gear down on very steep hills The car feels perfect once I start driving and easily drives 70 mph on interstate. I earlier replaced #4 coil and spark plug but check engine light still on. Other than the compression problem, car is perfect. I want to keep it so I would like some feedback back on best options to repair it. New motor, junk car engine or rebuild. Mechanic said something about a company called Chinese engines that he heard good things about their engines. Thanks
Most likely rings stuck. Check compression, remove spark plugs, put some Liqui Moly on the top of pisons, wait few hours, remove excessive Liqui Moly from inside using compressed air), put everything back together and check compression again. If there is no changes, apply some oil on the top of piston and check compression. If there is a change - work on rings. If there is no change - work with valves.