Media player (Android) Corolla E120 BYD will fit Corolla E120?

Hi, I have bought a multi media player on Ali express

I drive a Corolla E120. Accidentally I bought a media player for a: Corolla E120 BYD.

As far I understand/know is the BYD for the Chinese market.

Question: will this media player also fit my Corolla E120?

I understand I will lose the (two) airflow manipulators.

Corolla E120.png Corolla E120.png

Any advice in this? Thanks in advance!


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I bought the dvd years ago, it was for the chinese version, the stereo doesn't perfectly fit but it does fit, the corners of the stereo are rounded than the original one, some screws didnt perfectly match, but all the connectors did fit, sometimes the plastic part of the vent pops out but I just put it back has been like that for years it works just fine, not sure if the one you bought is the same but it may be.
Thanks for your reply. Can you explain to me what they actually send? Do send the whole frame (green + red)? Or only the screen (green).

I have used colors to make my question better understandable.

Schermafdruk van 2019-04-18 03:12:09.png


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In my case I only got the green part, the stereo and most cases thats what they usually send, unless they tell you otherwise, i remember one of the holes in the metal bracket didnt match so i just ise a drill bit and made the hole, the same for the corners in the plastic vent, here in the picture as you can see sometimes the top of the vent pops out and I just put it back and the stereo it self looks ok, the toyota logo is just a sticker to make it look better but it didnt come with the sticker. 20190417_204017.jpg 20190417_204011.jpg 20190417_204005.jpg