Migrated from a Yaris to a Corolla

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sqcomp, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. sqcomp

    sqcomp New Member

    There’s a reason for the loyalty to Toyota!

    I recently had a 2007 Toyota Yaris S from the showroom floor. It was totaled due to another driver not paying attention on the freeway.

    I went through thick and thin with that little Yaris. From a world class SQ system to a K3la stealth setup behind the front cowl.

    The insurance adjuster treated me VERY well and gave me nearly $4k as FMV.

    Yesterday I picked up a super white 2018 Toyota Corolla LE with a black cloth interior as an appropriate replacement to the Yaris. If the looks of the iM weren’t so horrid (IMHO), I might have just picked up a loaded one of those. To me, the contrast of the gloss black grille and the paint job are strikingly good looking.

    On Friday I take the car to have a 5 window pinnacle tint job. That should make the look pop even more.

    The purchase of this new car has “forced” me to put down my project car for a while, a 1978 Toyota Cressida 2J drag project. I’ll get back into that later this year with a new custom Ford 9” and tub setup.

    I digress, Ilook forward to using the search option often to pick up some knowledge about the Corolla. Hopefully I can pass off some of the things I learn and know as well.

    Thanks fellow Corolla owners!

    Sherwood, OR
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  3. FinalGear

    FinalGear New Member

    Corolla, they last forever!

    Hello and welcome
  4. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

    Tint was my first mod too. Welcome to the group!
  5. OP

    sqcomp New Member

    5197BFB4-BCFF-45E5-963E-92285581863E.jpeg 7E550786-66BC-4B1E-95E3-FEECC3EBB80C.jpeg The challenge that was put in front of me was to not cut into the vehicle like I did my Yaris.

    I picked up a dream amplifier and am searching for a matching mono amplifier for this gem. I’m picking up an Audison Bit One HD to work off the OEM source.

    I’m looking forward to building the amp rack in the spare tire well. Thank gawd for AAA!
  6. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia New Member

    omg ! I can’t believe . My Yaris 2007 baby was also totalled from car accident , not my fault and insurance gave $3300 because it had 250k miles. Car was in great condition because it had more than 40 Toyota dealer services and immaculate on engine and transmission. The interesting thing of this story is I also bought a 2014 Corolla S Plus 6MT, not new but used with 60k and also immaculate with about 10 Toyota dealer services. I am very happy with my purchase . It is my third Corolla and fourth Toyota

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