Missing Pushbutton on Odometer Gauge

Hi everyone I am new to this site. I just recently bought a 2009 corolla and didn't notice the push button for the trip odometer was missing until after I had bought the car. I have searched around and everyone says I have to buy a complete cluster in order to replace the push button. After checking on price for cluster I decided that 500 dollars was not an option. If anyone has any ideas for me it would be greatly appreciated.


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Snap a close up, and post. maybe we can say get a drill, the smallest bit. Place a peg on it and use minimal glue on the peg and you got a way to push the trip.

Are you really going to use it? I keep it on the average mpg so I see it fluctuate, now its on temp, I used to keep it on mileage. si yes we use it time to time

Maybe until a fix you can use a small dowel to switch settings. If it works.

Buying Used , others troubles. Lets hope that is the only trouble.
Thanks guys, I don't use it much just to reset trip and reset maintenance light. I have been using a straw to reset but I ordered another cluster on ebay for 40 bucks. I don't even know if that button is supposed to be removable so I probably just pissed away 40 bucks. Oh well!


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I am suprize Scott did not say your title must reflect your odometer reading.

Make sure you get the odometer correctly set.

It may pull out the know but I still find some loose parts that may fit even a screw.

Good luck