My new car is a 1994 Corolla LE with 41,000 original miles


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I just got the deal of a lifetime. 1500 bucks for a 94 Corolla LE with 41k all original miles. It runs like a dream and I love the car. All I've done to it was put mobile 1 10w-30 oil in it and a k&n oil filter. She runs like a dream. The color of my Corolla is light blue metallic. My model has the 1.8 7A-FE engine. The car squeals when turning the wheel for only a minute or two when first starting and the after market key will not unlock driver's door. I have to go to passenger door and the key unlocks all doors. Also is it possible to get keyless entry on my 1994 Corolla LE?? I want some help from this thread. I love my car and wanna make it the best it can be. Please help if you can