New 2017 Corolla SE Break-in

Hi everyone, I'm the proud owner of a new 2017 Corolla SE. I'm there anything I should be doing during the initial 5,000 miles before the first scheduled maintenance to help break-in the new vehicle? Thanks for any advice!
Howdy SuperCal, being an old guy, i can share what dealerships always said about break in periods. Almost all said just drive at the most constant speed, don't stand on the gas pedal unless you have to, and take it easy for 500-750 miles to let all the stuff in the engine and brakes and fluids seat properly and adjust to your driving style. That's good advice, and with today's engineering and metallic formations, break-ins are probably a lot shorter than they used to be. Plus it gives all the on board Kerputer stuff data to analyze and adapt to your driving style. Cheap sunglasses (ZZ Top) played with the windows down helps!
Congrats on the 2017 SE, Supercal. Great purchase!

Check out the owners manual. You can get an electronic copy here:

The manual for my 2015 stated the following (guessing yours will be the same since we share most of the same equipment):

Avoid sudden stops for the first 300km (186 miles)

All of the following apply for the first 1000km (621 miles):
Do not drive at extremely high speeds
Avoid sudden acceleration
Do not drive continuously in low gears
Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods

Good luck with it and keep us posted.


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do what you do best I am sure this is not your 1st car or is it? no hard acceleration, braking. simply ride it with ease let the car learn from you. so down the road it will pay off. good luck and enjoy