no spark in 2 and 3 . New Crank PS and Cam ps . plenty of fuel new pump and injectors

I have a 2001 toyota corolla s type . It sat for 6 years. trying to bring it back to life. I went through new timing belt set top dead. had the head shaved because it had low compression post shave compression is back to 175psi. So the current issue / issues is this . when i go to crank the engine it acts like it wants to turn over but it doesnt. i get smoke from the throttle body. from what i can tell i dont have spark in 2 and 3 . i changed the cam shaft ps because there was a code. I changed the crankshaft positioning sensor . the plug and coil packs are new too along with the fuel pump and injectors. i cant see any damage to the ignition wires. any sage advice would be appreciated . thank you