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    I have a corolla. a 2011 S to be exact. Its stock. But it wont be for long. Had it since 1 mile, two years now? Contemplated trading it in on a Fiesta ST when i go home to the states in october, but decided to just keep it. I do already have a race car after all.

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    So i will also drop this in here.
    I am attempting a Parts shootout. I have about 20k on my corolla. so its still VERY new. I am working with a local shop with a dyno. I am trying to get some people to lend parts, any parts that you think would make a power improvement and we will do testing. Intakes, Header, Exhausts, whatever. We arent asking for free parts, or to keep anything. Just help us out and pay shipping t Myrtle beach, SC 29577 and we will do it, video it, and post results.

    Yokotas13 on Zilvia.net
    Grantwilson on ClubROadster.net

    not a random dude, and i have a good reputation on both sites. Trying to do something positive for the corolla community.

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