oil vanishing act

Discussion in 'Site Help and Suggestions' started by guday, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. guday

    guday New Member

    I have a 2001 corolla and a mystery, it runs very nicely and I would be confident on any journey, BUT , oil disappears , eg I went to Newquay last year and before I started the return trip I checked oil and it was empty ,not a surprise, I filled it up to max level , after exactly 100 miles we stopped at services to feed grandson, after cool off period I checked oil and it was totally empty , filled up again and carried on trip, after another 200 miles arrived home and after cool off period checked oil it, hadn,t used a drop . this happens frequently , it doesn,t smoke , there is no oil over engine, doesn,t smell of burning oil, there is none on garage floor, it runs absolutely beautifully. keep thinking of replacing it but like I said earlier I am confident that it would take me anywhere. I have asked at my local garage and he has no idea . anyone out there with a suggestion.
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  3. SuperchargedMR2

    SuperchargedMR2 New Member

    Are you sure that the level is seen correctly? Not sure how it would be using oil and then not. I'm worried that you overfilled it and thought it was low if it was hard to read. Other than that I have no clue.
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  4. Muhammad Ali Khan

    Muhammad Ali Khan New Member

    Are you sure that your car was on level when you checked?

    It is always recommended that you only check the oil in the morning keeping your car stand still over the night so that all the oil in the engine drop to the sump pan. Once you start the engine you will not get that level again because it will stick to the engine body.

    Also there is a problem with these model engines that they eat oil. Almost 1 liter every 2000~3000 kms.
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  5. OP

    guday New Member

    thanks for all replies, I have checked oil levels after a decent trip in all manners , after a couple of hours , after night rest and after a week as in the Cornwall trip ,car did the same on a Devon trip ,During which I drove the whole way there without stopping, the car ran without a murmur , also there is no warning lights, I know these cars use oil the same as an Audi diesel I have .Sometimes I am tempted to just keep driving to see what happens but I have had the car for quite a while now and it would feel like hurting one of my kids.

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