Overhead console

As I'm sure everyone who has a sunroof knows the overhead console lid has factory lining in it but today I added felt lining to the side and top of the console to keep any noises at bay. I decided to do a write up on how to disassemble the unit in the event anyone wants to do the same or if the lid needs replacing. I will start with the end result then a walk through.
I did not have enough black so I used white on the sides.

I lined the sides and down into the end of the lid. it is a bit hard to see because I used white felt.

on one side there is a set of gears for the lid. You can see two small tabs on the round gear.

with a precision screwdriver the tabs can be gently pushed in

and the assembly popped out (photo is out of sequence as the lid would still be in place)

At this point a precision screwdriver can be used to pry the other gear from the lid. I could not take the pic with the screwdriver and hold the assembly but if you look at the edge of the lid you can see the small hole.

Now, this side of the lid can drop down and it can be slid out of the hole on the other side and removed.

here is a visual of the 'half' gear and lid assembly, obviously it would slide through the console before clicking in place.

Hopefully this helps out if anyone was wondering how it is done.