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Hey everyone. New to this forum and looking for help. My wife has a 2012 1.8 auto corolla. A while back she called and said the car wouldn't accelerate. Had the p060e code. Cleared the code and car drove fine till now. Happened again tonight.....about 6 months since first happening. Googled it and saw a thread about the brake light bulbs. Checked them.....not burnt and filaments are good. All harnesses and connectors look ok. That leads me to believe it could be an intermittent short in the wiring harness or the throttle body itself. Is this a common issue and if so what are the most likely problems. More then willing to pin out connectors if that's the problem but would need to know what pins and what to look for. Thanks!!
This actually happened to me today as well (Code P060E: 2010 Corolla LE - 1.8L) .. And it was frustrating. 1st of all, I upgraded & installed some 2/0 gauge wire from the engine bay to the back to feed my hungry amplifiers, and all went well there aside some scrapes and cursing. Welp, got all that done, went out for a drive & started slamming the subs. A few miles down the road I stopped at a store, went in, came out.. Started the car back up, started bassing again... Started to hit the road out of the lot... Boom. Lights come on (Check engine/traction control, etc) ....... Lose power. I limped the car back into the lot, and began to run through my head what could be going on. To install the wire I had pulled the air-box, and unplugged a few things, hoses, sensors... But all of those were put back into place. SO i get out, pop the hood, and make sure all is as it should be... I even pulled the box back out, and put it back in very carefully.. Checked the gas cap... Reset lights.. and started off again. Same thing. Lights came on, lose power. This went on for over an hour (and happened each time I turned my system up - Oddly enough)...... So I finally decided to go by Auto Zone after repeating my checks on the gas cap, cleaned the mass air sensor, etc.... They pull the code P060E .. "Internal Control Module Throttle Position Performance" .... Thinking, damn..here we go, something serious... Then as they are baffled at what the code even means, and are browsing about on their computer.. I Google the code on my phone.. Saw several things mentioning tail light wiring.... I tell them "I'll be right back" ... I go out to the car, turn on the lights, and look at that..REAR LEFT is Out. Both filaments gone, and the bulb is black as night. I pull the bulb, go back in, buy a new set, come out, and replace. ALL IS WELL AGAIN. I told them about it, and they couldn't believe it. They had no idea what the code meant as they've never pulled that one before, and their system gave no real info about it. Told them that I would update them after driving around for a while. Hours later, Still Good to Go. I let them know to leave a note in their systems about this code. Check tail light wiring and bulbs as a just in case 1st look and simple fix....... A frigging single bulb effed with me on this one. And the more I thought about it, I know how it happened.... BASS... My system hits hard, and the bulbs were old. One popped, and the vibrations from the sound system likely sent one filament into the other, shorting it out, and thus throwing that code (not thinking that it would throw a code every time a bulb burns out, just when it shorts out)... Crazy... I thought for sure my ECU or other was going out the door... I will monitor this and update if it returns.. So far so good though. I am left dumbfounded though! haha.

I know this won't always be the answer, but I figured that this would be something to put out there for others to search out and look into. Just in case you know... Add my lights were working fine before the install.. So this is a today, all in one event.
And oh, found that this has happened before to others. It's real folks. Very real.. It's a good way to get ripped a lot of $$$ by a shop knowing this, but blaming some other major component instead.



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This post saved my bacon! My car turned on the check engine, VSC, and traction control light and after some failed attempts I came across this post. Can’t believe a simple lightbulb Was the issue! Thanks a bunch!