Please Offer Advice - Radiator Leaks

Hello everyone.

First of all, I hope I've posted this in the correct section. Forgive me If I haven't. I'm ok with it being moved to its correct forum section if need be.

Anyways, I own a 2000 Toyota Corolla. This car has been great to me since I purchased it used from a buddy just over a year ago. It's fulfilled its job quite well, while sparing me any headache. However, just yesterday my car overheated on me. When I got home I inspected its radiator and found that this part was to blame. It showed signs of leakage and a majority of the fins were severely bent. I know that replacement is my only option at this point, but before I do so, I'd like some advice. I've decided to purchase an aftermarket version online, but don't know which companies are reputable. I've found two that I particularly like but before I buy from one of them, I'd like some sort of verification that they are a legitimate business. I almost never buy anything online so I don't know how to spot a scam, and I can't afford to be scammed.

Has anyone dealt with either of the following companies and can verify that they are a legitimate company? The parts on each site match the OEM number of the part I need.. Thanks in advance.
they both look fine, I have bought many parts on line with out problem. first make sure your car doesn't overheat if you keep radiator full.A blow headgasket can damage a radiator also, sounds like yours died of old age, just don't want you to damage a new radiator.
Hi ChrisFletcher. :)

One distinct drawback with purchasing auto parts online is when and if the part needs to be replaced and there is a warranty on it, you have to ship the part back to the online business you purchased it from and wait and wait and wait for a replacement part to arrive. In the meantime, your Corolla is out of action, leaving you stranded. :(

To avoid this not uncommon problem, I'd recommend you do business with a local auto parts store, which also supports your local economy and local jobs, which of course is critically important in this economy we are all suffering under. Doing this will also avoid the scenario of being scammed online.