Possible Brake Problem

I noticed that when braking that I have to press the brake pedal a long way before the car starts slowing down. Is this normal or could there be a problem.
Not normal. How many miles are on this Corolla? Water in the brake fluid, (which is common and the reason brake fluid should be periodically changed), can cause this symptom. It's also possible that the master cylinder is going bad. Don't wait to find out which it is because when you do, it will be the cause of an accident. If the master cylinder fails, you'll have almost zero braking power. Get the car to a professional automotive technician as soon as you can. Proper functioning brakes = your life and those of everyone else on the road near you.
Only, 24,400 miles on it. Another forum said it was normal, but I will take it in just to be on the safe side since it is under warrenty. Thanks.
Took the car in today, turns out the rear brakes needed to be adjusted. Brakes work like they should now.
the rear brakes are self adjusting. just drive in reverse and mash on the brake a few times, they will adjust themselves. no adjustment needed on the front.
edit: unless it's rusty, if they are, trade it!
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That's why they are supposed to do, but in reality many times what needs to be done is to drive in reverse very fast and then jam on the brakes so hard that the tires virtually lock-up before the, "self-adjusting", mechanism will work. To have a professional automotive technician periodically clean and adjust the rear brakes can help overall braking performance and safety.