Power Window Conversion

New member here; 1st post. I have a 2005 Corolla CE with manual crank windows. Just wondering if anyone has converted their front windows to electric. The aftermarket kits from Amazon look a little cheesy, but would like to hear from someone with experience/advice on the conversion.
Thanx 1,000,000


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I did mine long time ago, here is what cost me, buy the hardware for this model, dont buy universal aftermarker ones, buy what would be a replacement for electric ones, they cost me like $35 each, they have the motor and the hardware like the original and it fits, you may need a few more screws but you can get them at hardware stores, then I went to salvage junk yard and I got the switches and wires from another corolla, and connected them and I wire everything, so everything looks like original just the holes I cover them with a sticker, in total I spent like $200, (back in 2012) and looks good, universal ones are crap and don't last long I dont recommend them.