Radio Rebooting?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by SPW, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. JonD

    JonD New Member

    Thanks, Julie. I found that video a couple months ago and tried disconnecting the battery and pumping the brakes but to no avail..... :(

    I'm going to call the dealer one more time to see if they can load up new software manually, but I suspect I'll be taking Chris' advice in the end and replacing it with a Kenwood....
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  3. jolly

    jolly New Member

    And those are the identified ones. Who knows what else might be triggered by connecting a new or updated device. For what it’s worth, Entune 3.0 ditched Blacberry QNX OS for an Auto-Grade Linux OS. On the other hand, Ford ditched Microsoft-Automative for QNX and it's was deemed as an improvement…
    Some of them are up to it, others are rather full of it. Especially when it comes to electronics. I own an old yet reliable Nokia “smart phone” (as “smart” as they were many years ago). When I bought my Corolla, the tech tried but failed to pair it and deemed it incompatible. It’s not the case and I had no trouble pairing it myself. The thing is they are no computer technicians and firmware suppliers will work on identified bugs. But if there is no one to identify them… So they’ll simply propose to change the head-unit while the problem might have another source.
    The name of the site says it: “Toyota Multimedia and Audio System Updates for Entune App Suite”. It updates apps – and eventually the OS if and as required by the app – but not the OS itself.
    You are right, but it's still covered by the same warranty as other systems in the car (or the owner, after warranty ended…), no more no less (well, less in some cases like for Hyndai-Kia Canada…). The problem is not hands-free phone itself. For 2014 MY, this feature existed even in the basic non-Entune radio. It’s rather all those others fancy features some want with it. Indeed, when a failure occur, it also apply to hands-free calls…
    Actually, some home/personnal devices will freeze, crash or behave erratically over an update or even original firmware glitches. iOS 11 was loaded with bugs that did so . Windows 10 could kill the sound of your computer. But why would this device be affected and that identical one be OK? Because bugs are often triggered by a specific configuration, use of a combination of key, etc. If you don’t happen to use them, you’re OK, otherwise…

    Granted some crack eventually find a convoluted way to sqirt the problem and a patch is eventually available. And we’re talking firms working on their own eco-system and releasing it when they are “good and ready”. Car systems, on the other hand, are always on catch-up mode, dealing with a multitude of apps updates and new devices over a 2.5 years period. Everything may go well for some but that’s a lot of bug triggering opportunity depending on how one use the head unit! The reset button (holding “power”) or the battery trick might work for some bugs, not all.

    All in all, that might explain why techs would rather simply change the head-unit… to no good since the conditions that triggered a problem might be met again. That’s to explain – not excuse – why the fancier the car system, the higher the risks. And they say autonomous cars are almost here…Yeah, right !
    That I don't understand either. Those systems have existed for what, 8 years now ? Tesla manage entire cars updates over the air... And maybe using open source firmware would allow cracks to identify problems much faster.
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  4. COR

    COR New Member

    Hi there,
    I just started having the same problem and the radio keeps rebooting continuously and that is becoming a distraction issue specially when driving at night because the navigation screen light hits the eyes.
    I took my car to the dealership where i bout my car and they tried disconnecting the battery and open the whole nav unit and reinstall it they charged me $75 without solving the issue!
    And they told me that my radio system is dead and i need a new unit for $2000.
    Let me know if anyone has fixed this issue please.
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  5. Osman Fuentes

    Osman Fuentes New Member

    Hi all,

    I was able to fix the radio rebooting on my own by buying the radio on Ebay. I have a Toyota Corolla 2014 S. The dealership wanted to charge me $1,400 to fix it, I said NO! Not to mention that they charged me $90 just to look at it, without resolving.

    So i went on Youtube and found a video that teaches you how to unmount the radio, you just need some basic tools that i actually bought at Home Depot. Link here:

    Tools cost: $47 (returned it 15 days later)

    Radio cost: $244. I tried to attach a link for the buyer who happens to have really high ratings on ebay, but this forum says i am too new. The guy is reliable, super fast delivery. Radio works perfect. Please note the radios he sells have no GPS, but who cares, Toyota’s GPS is horrible anyways.

    I hope this helps guys, i am happy as of now with how easy it was to do it myself.


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  6. JonD

    JonD New Member

    Osman – great idea to get the system on eBay and replace it yourself. That’s probably the cheapest and most hassle-free approach. Hopefully the same reboot problem won’t arise a couple years down the road.

    To continue my own saga from my posts above, I decided to give Toyota a couple more chances to get it right and fix the problem with a simple software install. I called the dealership that I normally go to near my home and asked them if they could try to do a simple USB software install, but no deal – they insisted that I had to bring the car in and leave it for a few hours so they could do full diagnostic testing. I’ve seen enough posts on this and other blogs to know that their diagnostic testing usually ends with a huge bill to replace the unit so I decided to try my luck with a dealership closer to where I work. After waiting on hold for lengthy periods of time and several disconnects I finally got a guy who said that he knew about the problem and he could easily do the software installation at no cost. Then when I brought the car in for the software update I got a completely different story – They had never heard of the problem before and I would have to leave the car for a few hours so they could do full diagnostic testing etc, etc, etc.

    I finally decided to go the aftermarket route and got a nice Kenwood system that I’m very happy with. I paid ~ $500 for the Kenwood system and then another $200 for labor and additional parts (cables and interface adapters needed for compatibility with steering wheel controls, rear camera and USB port). The cost was about half of the lowest Toyota cost for replacement that I’ve seen in online blogs and the system has much better sound and more features than the Toyota Entune systems.

    Overall conclusion: don’t bother dealing with Toyota when this problem comes up. Either follow Osman’s suggestion and get another unit on eBay or follow Chris’ advice above and go straight for an aftermarket system.
  7. Jake

    Jake New Member

    Do you still have steering wheels controls and back up camera that work like OEM but with your aftermarket?
  8. JonD

    JonD New Member

    Yes, but you need to purchase additional wiring harnesses and control interfaces and it will cost extra in labor charges (this was the extra $200 I referred to above).

    Make sure you tell your installer that you want to retain these options when you schedule your installation appointment so that they can give you an accurate cost estimate for labor and parts and order the necessary items. I actually got my installer to send me a list of the parts required in advance of the appointment and I then ordered them myself from Amazon and saved $85 vs the cost that the installation service would have charged.
  9. Jake

    Jake New Member

    Cool thanks
  10. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    Yes, everything works, but its a little different. You have the ability to program the steering wheel controls to the way you like.
    I upgraded my Maestro from 2.0 to 2.1, thinking I would get more functionality from it. Nope, instead my backup camera remains on until I perform some other function. Its a glitch in the firmware and I will be talking with iDatalink tomorrow about rolling back to 2.0.
  11. UberCraig

    UberCraig New Member

    I run a professional dealer electronics service business, we specialize in handling electronics products for new and used car dealerships and the largest Toyota dealership in the area is my biggest customer.

    I hate to tell you all this, but the majority of the time you’ll have to replace the radio. The problem occurs on many late model Toyotas RAV4s from 2014 and up with the color touchscreen and usually navigation. I have primarily seen this issue on route RAV4s and Corollas but a few other vehicles may also be affected. The problem is found with those radios manufactured by a company called Fujitsu-Ten, who has recently gone out of business. In every case the cause is the same: a defective CPU on the circuitboard. Companies who repair radios for car dealerships are well aware of this issue and the only fix is to replace the CPU, and that typically costs me $500 or so. Naturally I mark that up a little bit to the dealership and charge for my labor pulling the radio shipping it off and reinstalling it when it comes back two or three weeks later. Even then you still have a used radio and no guarantee that you won’t have other problems down the road. You’re much better off simply replacing the radio with a good quality aftermarket product for around the same money - That’s what the used car manager at my Toyota dealership has me do whenever they trade for a vehicle that has this issue. There are rare instances where a software update or the battery disconnect has solve the problem, but I have never yet seen that work. I suspect that in situations where that solved the problem, your radio has a different problem or is made by different manufacturer (Panasonic also makes a radio for Toyota that looks exactly the same).
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  12. Michelle Simons

    Michelle Simons New Member

    Hey none of you all will be surprised but my screen seems to miss calibrated so I can use my bottom buttons since there is nowhere to click below it. I went to the dealership and after 5 mins they told me, I needed a new radio and that it would be $1000. After saying how I didn't want to pay that much they recommended I go to best buy.

    I went to best buy and the guy after hearing that I had a 2014 Carolla starts telling me its going to be $500 just to hook a radio to my car because of the backup camera and steering controls, plus the radio. If I was looking at that much money I might as well get Toyota.

    So I go back to the dealership. After asking if they could try anything else they disconnected my positive in the battery for a hot second and then reconnected it to see if that would work. It did not work and I think the tech new that. So after discussing the price of the new radio, I asked if I would be getting the same radio and they said yes and that it would be reburished. I asked about a warranty and they said only a year. I asked what I was supposed to do if the new radio did the same thing? He said then we would look for a new update! (What!!!!!) I said why can't you do an update now? He said then what year was your car again? (Really!!!). I said a 2014. He says then why didn't I think of that before? (Really!!!) So they said that it would be $60 for an update and 30 minutes later they come back and tell me there are no updates available. Well, I found the update through someone on this board and did it myself. I am so disappointed with the service I got in Asheville.

    This is shady!!! Please dont spend money on any technology issues without doing your research because Toyota is not only not taking responsibility for their technology but they are not training their staff or technicians to be reliable about it.
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  13. JonD

    JonD New Member

    So you were able to download the update and successfully install it? Great! I tried downloading it through a link I found here and just got an error message. I then took a USB stick to Toyota and asked for the software and they refused to provide it -- said I would need to leave the car for several hours so they could run a full set of diagnostics ($$$$$). I finally got a Kenwood and had it installed at Best Buy (which was a whole other nightmare experience). Saved a couple hundred bucks by getting a package deal and buying the extra adapter cables from Amazon, but still..... Toyota could certainly make it easier for their customers!
  14. Michelle Simons

    Michelle Simons New Member

    7B089F4F-A037-446A-8125-DB0080715223.jpeg Yes, it installed with no problems . I got it from here.

    I think it’s actually a Toyota website. Too bad no Toyota techs no about it .
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  15. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Updates are here :
    But lets not be confused : those are updates for Entune app suite (no technician required), not the head unit's OS itself. For instance, you won't find anything there for units without navigation/apps.
    For the head unit's OS itself, updates are another story (only a few and a dealer thing).
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  16. Christian_pulisic

    Christian_pulisic New Member

    I have the same problem, it happening a week ago... my screen reboots, i did not do any "air" update..... it started rebooting out of nowhere. mine is also a 2014 and I have 70K miles and am out of warranty. I'm hoping one of those is going to keep it from crapping out. please help! Thxs

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