Rapid horn Honking for no reason- 06' Corrolla

HI Guys,
For some reason, and seemingly at random times, our 06 Corrolla's horn will honk in rapid succession 8 times (in about 1 second) when has been sitting locked. I've searched high and low for chaffed wires, evidence of rodents, etc., but have NO idea what might cause this. Sound familiar to anyone on this forum?
Fishycomics, thanks for the reply. I thought it might be that as well, but it does it when the fob is not even being held. And it is always 8 very-short honks, all within about 1 second. The panic button causes the horn to honk, but in a slower, louder fashion as when the alarm is set off. This is a very short, VERY rapid set of 8 honks. Still messing with it. I'm still hoping to find someone else who has had this happen.
I haven't encountered this specific problem myself, but I can understand your frustration in trying to pinpoint the cause. It sounds like you've already done some thorough investigating, checking for chafed wires and signs of critter activity. If you're still on the hunt for a solution, I recently came across some interesting horn upgrades at https://bosshorn.com. While they might not directly address your issue, they could offer a unique twist to your Corolla's horn setup.