Rattling sound

Discussion in '2003 - 2008 Toyota Corolla' started by shawn86, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. shawn86

    shawn86 New Member

    I have a '08 1.8 and when I start it up there is a metallic rattling sound that lasts for a few seconds. I have a little over 130k miles on it. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?
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  3. Potato213

    Potato213 New Member

    Is the a.c. or any air on when this happens or is there something lose in the engine bay?
  4. OP

    shawn86 New Member

    No its right on starting and nothing is on I checked the engine bay and everything seems to be good.
  5. Muhammad Ali Khan

    Muhammad Ali Khan New Member

    dont worry, drive it.
  6. 3ddie @rana

    3ddie @rana New Member


    Do you have something in the glove compartment or inside car thats driving you Crazy maybe, and it's not in the engine it self ?!
    I would ck on that my self, it has happen before !

    3ddie @.
  7. Legend Cox

    Legend Cox New Member

    I had this issue a while ago, and it turned out a heat shield on the exhaust around the catalytic converter had come loose causing a rattle on start up. It started rattling really bad, and I found it wedged between the exhaust manifold, and the firewall.
  8. OP

    shawn86 New Member

    Cool I'll check that out!
  9. JustinGWilly

    JustinGWilly New Member

    Definitely sounds like a heat shield. Mine came loose a couple of years ago just behind the catalytic converter. The bolts holding it in place were rusted. I just took the whole thing off and haven't had any issues.

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