Remote control fob Corolla 2016 not working

Hi everyone,

I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla L sedan. I have this car stand for a month and now the remote key fob is not opening or closing the doors.
I replace the batteries but the issue is still there. Also the dome and map lights used to comes on when I opened the doors, but now it doesn't. It only comes on when I put the ignition in "ON" position. I took the car to a local dealer, and they perform test on both remotes to see if it's communicating with car and it does. So they told me the remotes are ok. However it still does not lock or unlock the car neither open the trunk, etc.. The car starts and run fine and everything else work flawlessly. I checked all the fuses and all were ok. I took the negative battery out and leave for 15 min. Issue remain the same. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem?
Hi Everyone,

The culprit was the "Computer Multiplex Network Body Module" located behind the fusebox driverside.
This controls the signal from the remote to the car.
Thanks for the update and the info! If this ever happens to me, I'll look for this solution.

Thanks Again, aotinko!