Remove trim around center console to lift carpet (2015 Corolla LE)

Hi all! Here's my first post :)

I am trying to lift the carpet on the front passenger side just enough so I can install some sound deadening material on the floor. I have managed to remove the seat, and the trim under the glove box and toward the door, but I can't get it out from underneath the center console! Youtube and Google doesn't help me, I need particular help for the 2015 (US) model. The part that I have marked as "1" is the one I need to remove, so I can get to the carpet underneath. However, it is fastened to part "2", which I am not able to remove. The arrow points to where it is stuck. I have tried to take photos from the inside with my phone, to see how it is fastened, but I can't see anything. Part "3" is not removable at all. Does anyone know how to do this? I'd really appreciate some help.


panel Corolla.jpg
Have you tried to remove the storage tray in #2? If it does pull out, it may then reveal screws that then make it possible to remove #2 entirely? I am thinking if it was removed, it might show a hidden screw. Just a thought.