runx trd 2zz ge small oil leak help


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I got a toyota runx it has had a minor oil leak for some time 1 drop every two days. I have been taking it to a local mechanic and he can't work out where it the leak is coming from but thinks it could be the timing chain tensioner due to the location of the leak and research that shows that this model of toyota is notorious for having the time chain tensioner leaking regardless of miles and how well maintain it has been. He cleaned the oil off and said to drive it around for a few days and bring it back so he could work out what parts where getting oil on them first. I would be very surprised if it was something major because the car has done low kms and has also had oil changes done on the dot by a toyota dealer ect so am hoping it is the timing tensioner leaking because that won't be too hard to fix and is common on these cars.
when i bought it back for another look he said the timing chain tensor was dry but could still see the leak some where but couldn't work out where. note this was about 2 days after I took it in to have the oil cleaned off. When a timing chain tensioner leaks where is the first place it leaks because it wasn't on the timing chain tensioner. it is a very very slow leak and doesn't show on the dip stick just a 1 drip every 2 or 3 days. before the oil was cleaned off it did show that the timing chain tensioner had oil on it and it was also on the back of the oil pan but not on the front.
here is a website i found that talks about the common timing chain tensioner leak and my car is leaking in the area it shows in the picture there.