Seat/airbag sensor question

I have a 2007, prior owner was disabled and quite heavy. As a result driver seat and armrest are flattened. I found a similar color seat in a junkyard, however it is from a 2006 and does not have the built in airbag sensor. I disconnected the battery and changed the seats, connecting the seat belt plug. While all other things seem normal, as I expected the airbag light now stays lit up on the dash. I assume the other sensors in the car will still set off the bag in an accident. What I want to know is if I can just strip and twist the two wires together, which used to connect to the seat sensor, to shut off the light with no other adverse effects. I know this is a slight safety hazard not looking for a lecture. 12 year old car with 200,000 miles.


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The light will come on everytime you unplug the seat sensors, even if you connect them back the light will come on, you need to reset the light so it turns off, dont remember how you reset it but you have to, look in google so you can reset the light, you could try just strip them and connect them and then go ahead and try to reset the light.
Thanks for your response. What I did was look over on youtube as to how cheapo body shops defeat the airbag light when they fix a car and do not replace the airbags. Seems they use a small 3.3 Ohm resistor soldered between the wires which used to connect to the airbag. Since we do not have radioshack around anymore I bought 5 of the little critters on ebay for $1.19 including postage, soldered one in and presto the airbag light is gone. I had to wait a whole week for the resistors, but I could not have obtained even one at that price from radioshack. Now if I get in an accident and none of the bags go off, I will get back to you.