Should I Get a New Oil Filter?


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Hey! I just got a free 1990 Corolla DX Wagon from a friend, cleaned the hell out of it, named it Buddy and now we're in love.

Long story short I f***** up and during my first oil change left some of the old oil in the engine (had Buddy jacked up instead of level which caused some oil oil to be caught in the oil pan). I've only run it for about 15 min since I was in a rush and had to use it. I'm about to do another oil change properly this time and was wondering if I should replace the oil filter with a new one again (was a new WIX performance filter). I'm thinking a new one would be a sure bet, but I've only run it for about 15 minutes with the new/old oil mix. What do you think? Should I roll with the oil filter I just put on or should I put a new one on?


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If you just changed the oil & filter, I leave as is the oil & filter you can change it down the road again at your Liesure. no need to dump out hte oil and change the filter of a 15 min time in there.. who am I to say it's right or wrong. you feel you want to change it all out, go right ahead.