Should I Lower

2015 Corolla L
Rear: floor to fender edge = 27.25"
Front: floor to fender edge = 26.50"

Going to be using 225/45/17 tires (25" OD)

If so, what type and how much?
If you haven't already, use a wheel offset calculator to make sure you get the fitment you're looking for, that low offset sounds like it's going to poke out of the fender. If that's the look you're going for then your ok.

I dropped my 2015 s about 2 inches all around. But I'm on stock wheels 17 x 7 39mm offset with 215 45 tires, every sits well within the wheel well
I'm going to get some konig hypergram wheels 18x8.5 38mm offset with tires at 245/40. I anticipate having to roll and or pull my fenders, I can keep you posted.
This past weekend I installed Tein Street Basis Z all around. Sits at 25.5” all around.
Nice job, I just dropped mine a bit more this weekend too, 24.75" all around with godspeed mono ss coilovers, crazy thing is, I still have an inch more that I can drop it.

How do you like there hight and ride? I'll have to take some pictures and post them
Doesn`t this increase your chances of getting something banged up under the car?
I would have to hit a pretty deep pot hole or an insanely large speed bump, I can still run through automatic car washes, and there was only 1 time I scraped the front end, and that's because I was leaving the parking lot like an idiot. The handling and cornering is much improved, especially with the strut tower brace in the front end.
The top reading is the initial visit to the alignment shop. That’s where they told me how much I need to shim the rear. The middle reading is after I put in the rear shims. The bottom reading is after the final adjustment. Pretty good I think!