Slight clutch slip? 2019 SE 6MT

Hi everyone. Wondering if any others with a manual transmission Corolla have experienced this. I have a 2019 SE 6MT that I bought new in February, it has about 3500 miles. Recently, I've noticed that if the car sits for a few days (~48 hours) between driving, during the next trip the transmission will slip/stagger slightly when getting going in first gear. The quick "stutter" is upon full release of the clutch pedal after slipping and working the clutch for a second at 1-2k RPM to get going smoothly from a stop. This is the only symptom and the only time it does it, there's no stuttering between any other shifts or acceleration, no difficulty coming in and out of gear, etc. It's only when getting going in first and only for a little while after sitting, it goes away in the next subsequent trips. I'm an experienced manual driver and I'm very mellow with this car. So I can't expect the clutch to be going out after 3500 miles.

I'm a bit concerned only because I've driven a few of the Ford Focuses with the dreaded dual-clutch transmission fluid leak/clutch slippage issues, where it stutters and staggers during shifts. This is exactly what it feels like when letting go of the clutch to get going from a stop. Is it common for corrosion or other stuff to build up on the clutch plate when the car sits for a while? It is humid here in Coastal Virginia.

I have my 5k mile ToyotaCare coming up, and I plan on mentioning this, but I can't help expecting this will be one of those "unable to reproduce customer concern" situations. Appreciate everyone's insight...