Spring cleaning!


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Just a background.. bought this 2014 S last January with 18k miles. I commute 100+ miles a day and needed a mileage machine. It currently sits at 55k, love the car. Although, as a DD I don't really give it the attention I give my other vehicles from a cleaning perspective. Now that winter is over and as a celebration for getting it paid off today, I decided to give it a good exterior cleaning. Rather than take a weekend to compound, polish, wax, etc..I did:

Meguiar's gold soap
Meguiar's clay bar
ExoForma ceramic shield.

Should I have done the whole works? Probably.. but for the abuse this car goes through it would be too much to keep on top of. I was looking at F11 spray but decided on EXO due to a bunch of reviews I read and the price point. Can't wait to see the hydrophobic properties it has.

I think it turned out great and I really like the color of this car more than before!