Whats up guys!
New to the Forum but a long time Corolla owner.

Here's my issue. I have a 2005 Corolla LE and pretty much everything in my front suspension is BRAND NEW except ball joints, rack and pinion, along with sway bar. Well I still here a squeaking coming front the front and I cannot find any issues what so ever, ive doubled checked to see if anything got loose or broke and nothing. Bushings on sway bar are fine.
I have a 2008 Corolla CE and have replaced every single front end part including struts recently. It got rid of the old noise I was hearing but created a new noise...a squeak or squeal every time you turn the wheel either way (moving or standing still). It sounds like it is coming from the outer tie rod ends so I changed them out with Moog parts this time. The squeal is still there. I am at a loss. Thinking maybe rack and pinion but the noise still sounds like it is coming from the outer tie rod end area or maybe the inner tie rod ends when you listen with a stethoscope. Any ideas.