Squealing At Start Up

Discussion in '2003 - 2008 Toyota Corolla' started by aerialphoto7, May 9, 2013.

  1. aerialphoto7

    aerialphoto7 New Member

    I have an 05 ce model, It seems that from time to time I get a squeaking sound on startup after a rain or particularly moist evening. Similar to water pump bearing or belt squeal.

    Any one have experience with this?
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  3. Scott O'Kashan

    Scott O'Kashan Super Moderator


    As you mentioned, it sounds like the serpentine belt is squealing.

  4. CurtIV

    CurtIV CurtIV

    Try some WD-40 on belt and see if this stops noise.
  5. GuavaFoo

    GuavaFoo New Member

    squealing at startup getting worse!

    I have been having the same problem, and am wondering if anyone else has found the source. Here is a little background about how far mine goes back and how the mechanics are a little stumped. I have a 2007 Corolla S. New Serpentine belt, hydraulic tensioner, and water pump.
    About 6 months ago, this was occurring- when it was doing it constantly, I took it in. They replaced the serpentine belt and the hydraulic tensioner for the belt. This solved the problem..... for about 5 months.
    It then started up again, and it has been squealing at startup for about a month now. A few weeks ago it got worse and very constant- before that it was intermittent. At that point I took it in and they replaced the water pump. They said that when they took the water pump off, the bearing on the pulley was squeaking, and verified it when they tok it off. The NEXT day, it was still doing it. So they replaced the water pump again saying it was faulty, and also replaced the serpentine belt.
    It kinda fixed it..... for about 2 days. At that point it started up again, but only for a minute or 2. Unfortunately, I had already begun my 2000 mile road trip, so I hoped that it would continue to not be a huge deal.
    This was last week, and over the course of the week, it has gotten worse. It now squeals for about 10-15 minutes, not just at idle, and at a faster rate. At first, once I accelerate to a faster speed, it cancels out the idle squeal, and eventually stops at all speeds. Also, If I put it in neutral after a little bit it will stop squealing, until I put it back into drive, in which it will start up again. I tok it in a few days ago, and they were stumped. They want it back again with more time.
    I am going to be taking it back in to the mechanics when I have a few days off so they can have more time, but in the meantime, I was hoping one of you would be able to shed some light on the situation.
    I hope I have explained it enough to get a grasp on the situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I hope any of you can help!

    TL;DR- 6 months ago- squealing at startup. serp belt and tensioner replaced- fixed issue completely. 2 weeks ago issue came back- water pump and serp belt replaced (water pump replaced twice)-- still squealing at startup. Fixed issue for about 2 days, but it came back with a passion.
  6. rkdavs24

    rkdavs24 New Member

    I have an 07 LE. I also have had this squealing noise at startup. I first noticed in the winter it would start loud and gradually fade away within 2-4 minutes. It has been on and off and since then and started doing it in very warm and dry conditions to cold and wet, however not always. When I took it in it was hard for them to evaluate because it did not make the noise upon start up.

    Like GuavaFoo said the mechanic stated this could be a problem with a S-belt and the hydraulic tensioner needing to be tightened. He noted that my S-belt still looks good (74K miles at that time) and does not necessarily need to be replaced. I'm still hesitant to get it changed because with parts & labor it could cost anywhere from $400-$550 pending the location.

    If anyone has this issue and has it correctly resolved for the long-term please let me know.

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