Startup anomally

I have a 2017 Toyota Corolla LE with 68k miles on it. When it is started when the engine is cold the rpms will go up above 1500 and the down to 1200 and then back up to around 1500. It seems to only do it during a cold start. Anyone else have this issue? What did you do to correct it?
Throttle bodies are not known to fail. 68K miles is not much. Did you clean the TB before the problem occurred? I ask because the throttle blade position is controlled by a throttle body position sensor. Sometimes if you manually push on the blade to open it, it can change the actual physical position vs. the set sensor position. Unfortunately, only a shop or dealer has the equipment to re-sync it. Just something to consider.
Yes this started occurring after I cleaned it. I did manually push it to clean it but I did it according to the dealer recommended maintenance procedure. I also reset the throttle body by removing power to the battery for at least 1 minute.
Unfortunately, you'll need a dealer or capable shop to re-sync it. Removing power from the battery won't do it. Next time when you clean the throttle body, put a weight on the accelerator pedal to hold it down and turn the key on to acc mode. Do not start the car. The throttle blade will say open and you can clean it safely.