Supertech oil filter


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What do you think about the Supertech oil filter for a 2014 Corolla? On a 2014 they are the type that just inserts into the oil filter container. The Supertech is rated for a 10k lifespan and has a rubber molding at top and bottom of the filter. They sell at Walmart for $2.97 . I picked one up while shopping there today although I`m likely a few months away for the next oil change.
I've used the Super Tech brand canister type filters for more than 15 years on four different vehicles. Never had any problems. They are manufactured by Champion Labs and have a long reputation dating back to the 1950's. I have a few Toyota OEM filters left and after that I'm transitioning over to Super Tech on my Corolla.


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The super tech has noticeable rubber on top and bottom of the filter while the stock Toyota filter does not. I was wondering if this is good or bad? It would seam like that would block more oil from escaping the filter and clean better.


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I'll buy a supertech before I buy a flam. My order of preference is Toyota, Purolator GM or Motorcraft, then I start looking for a supertech.
They are cheap well made and work.