Surging and rough idle

This is for a 2003 Corolla. From a cold start it will idle around 2000 rpms for about a minute then maybe drop down to 1600 or 1400 for another minute or so. If it drops down to normal idle after that, it will begin to surge and remain that way until the transmission (manual) and accelerator are engaged for travel. If it goes back to idle say at a light it will spit and sputter like its going to stall but doesn't. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
hey mine does something similar to that too!!! Sorry I didnt give an answer though!! Hopefully, someone will know how to help us on here. What I really want to know is how much it will cost to fix this sputtering-but-never-dying-vibration-while-car-idles thing.


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Mine does that everytime I disconnect the battery it takes like 100-200 miles of driving to go away, while not an answer it may help.