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You know if I could get a suv that gets the same gas mileage as my Corolla at the same price as a Corolla and great reliabilty I would consider one. These are the main reasons I bought my Corolla.
My wife's Corolla S gets 5.8L/100 km (41 miles per US gallon) fully loaded (like to the brim) with camping gear and the A/C on, which I thought was amazing. And that was running on the highway at 110 km/hr (70 mph) at 2800 rpm in 4th gear. I just wish it had more gears in the transmission; running at a lower RPM, it would be even better.
I have gotten as good as 42 mpg in Colorado doing 60 mph. The worst was 31 mpg going thru Kansas doing 80 mph. That is with a 2010 S model.