Tire Recommendations?


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I have a 2014 S (17's) and in August/September my factory tires were shot at around 36k miles. Fast forward to now I'm sitting at 52K and my replacement tires (Cooper Zeon RS3) look like they will most likely be bald by the end of the summer.. which would put me at 30k for the life of the tires. Definitely expected them to last a little longer but it is what it is at this point.

So, I'm starting to look for recommendations on what people are running for an all-season tire that they've had good luck with? I'm in the Midwest and do deal with snow. Usually if there is a chance of any bad weather in the winter I'll take my pickup.. but I did get caught a few days with light snow or ice and the Coopers were absolutely awful. Car felt like it was on roller skates. I know the best way to avoid that in the winter is to have a dedicated winter tire setup, but with my other vehicle options I can drive I would rather just get an all season tire that will do decent in the snow if I get caught in it.

Thanks in advance!
I just ordered my second set of the very awesome Continental TrueContact Tour for my 2015 Rolla.

I put on the first set at 38,000 miles. I just turned 105,000 miles today and ordered them from TireRack.com. The first set gave me almost 70,000 miles of steady driving - just an excellent product!

I was able to get 4 of these (size 195/65 R15) for $313, after factoring in a $70 manufacturer's rebate.